WorkFlow Test Drive

Thank you for being interested of the WorkFlow Test Drive.  Since workflow always worked behind the scene, most people don’t realise the existence or the power of WorkFlow.  Therefore, we want to get WorkFlow to interact with you, so that you have a better understanding of what WorkFlow is.  By the end of this test drive, you will know what what WorkFlow can do for you and your business. 

Action Description

Point to Demonstrate

1st email

You will receive an automatic welcome email from Flow after you click the “Send Email” button.  There are altogether 3 emails you will receive in this Test Drive.

  • Trigger of Flow based on customer’s action.
  • Automatic event scheduling

2nd Emai

The subsequent day of the 1st email, you will receive the 2nd email with the subject “Request for Leave Application Form”.  If you reply to the email, you will then receive the an email with a sample “Leave Application Form” as attachment.

Flow can automatically dispatch document or template to user in email based on the subject or email content.

3rd  email

In the following Monday, you will receive the 3rd scheduled email.  Flow will ask you for confirmation to remove your name and email address from our record.  The is the end of the test drive.

  • Email Approval
  • Flow action taken to remove the email address record in the SharePoint List
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